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Charlotta ZOO

A unique place

Many of our guests can still remember the animal farm at the stream, converted into the Charlotta ZOO on 13th June 2010. Our zoo is inhabited by several species of animals of local origin, from the Polish woods, and those of exotic origin, from overseas. The living conditions with which we provide our quadruped friends are close to their natural ones.

Ten islands in the Charlotta ZOO

The ten islands are populated by, among others, Barbary macaques, Japanese macaques, capuchins, lemurs, zebras, ostriches, kangaroos as well as storks and crowned cranes, while on the water, you can see over a dozen, or so, species of geese and ducks.

The Charlotta Zoo

The Charlotta Valley is full of wonderful sites which will present unforgettable experiences. We kindly invite you to visit our ZOO, Water ZOO Safari and to undertake a journey to the Fairy Park. Here, not only can you come across representatives of numerous species from the animal kingdom, but also well-liked fairy tale characters, whose sculptures and fantastic houses have been placed in an amazing scenery. This small kingdom of learning through play is surrounded by wild nature and beautiful landscapes.

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