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Rock Legends Festival

The Rock Legends Festival has been held periodically since 2007. It is an unforgettable and adventurous spectacle, permanently marked on the calendar of summer cultural events in Poland. The atmosphere of concerts in the Charlotta Valley is extraordinary and allows you to enjoy music in a very special way.

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oraz w punktach sprzedaży:

Galeria Prestige (sklep sportowy - I piętro) ul. Starzyńskiego 3, Słupsk

Informacja Turystyczna, Ul. Starzyńskiego 8, Słupsk

Biuro Podróży Wodnik, ul. Kołłątaja 32, Słupsk

Biuro Podróży Greland Tour, ul. Tuwima 12, Słupsk

Lokalna Organizacja Turystyczna Ustka i Ziemia Słupska, ul Marynarki Polskiej 71, Ustka

Biuro Podróży Expedite, ul. Plac Pokoju 3, Lębork


The Charlotta Valley Amphitheatre offers 10,000 seats and is divided into three sectors. There is a summer grill bar next to it.

Rock Legends

Every year the biggest rock stars come to our place to entertain their public!
Carlos Santana
Alice Cooper
The Doors
Deep Purple
Robert Plant
ZZ Top

Charlotta Moto Fest

Charlotta Moto Fest is an event for motorisation enthusiasts, especially for motorcyclists. The unforgettable views enable the rest worthy of a real traveller. This event is meant to call for annual rallies with a wide range of fun activities for guests assembling from near and far-flung corners of Poland, and even Europe.


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Charlotta Challenge

Sports events in Charlotta Valley are an exceptional opportunity to take part in a unique , one-of Poland competition taking place not only in the natural scenery, but also at the zoo! 

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