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Festiwal Legend Rocka (Rock Legends Festival)

Legendary rock party

Every year in the magical Charlotta Valley, the Rock Legends Festival is held. It is one of the most famous and popular rock music festivals. The event takes place at the amphitheatre with the capacity of 10,000 spectators. The line-up of the 9th Rock Legends Festival includes such world-class music stars as Carlos Santana, ZZ TOP and Robert Plant.

Stars in the Charlotta Valley

We have had the honour of having such stars as, among others, Deep Purple, The Animals, Bob Dylan or Carlos Santana. The last artist even declared before an audience of ten thousand-plus people: "I have found another home here." The guitar autographed by himself, which he presented to us at the concert, is showcased in the lounge of the main Charlotta Valley building.

About the party

Rock Legend Festiwal - annual festival taking place since 2007 in the amphitheatre of Dolina Charlotty. It is an unforgetable and full of sensetions show, that written is permanently in the calendar of summer cultural events in Poland. Concerts in Dolina Charlotty can be described as unforgetable atmosphear which allow you enjoy music in an exceptional way. It is uniquely situated and very cameral. Thanks to that the contact with artists is not made difficult by crowds of security officers and metal barriers. It allows you to feel the closeness with Artists. Rock Legend Festival is an event that is known for charming place, timeless music and unforgetable atmosphear and fantastic organisation.

Ahead of us there is next Rock Legend Festival in Dolina Charlotty. 2016 will be an unique year, because of 10th editio of the Festival. The biggest stars perfomed in here- the real Rock Legends. It will stay the same in 2016. We can let you know who will perform during this Rock Legend Festival: Carlos Santana is returning for X Rock Legend Festival. In July 2013 Carlos Santana, during his first performance in Dolina Charlotty stopped the concert and said "This is my new home"! He was telling the truth because he returned in July 2015 and is coming for the third time on 8th of July 2016 for 10th Rock Legend Festival. Carlos Santana is one of the best and one of the most liked guitarist in the World. He has and unique, cristal clear, swinging sound and is a master of a guitar. His albums were sold in over 100 millions copies.

Tickets ( Carlos Santana concert )

I sector 390 PLN

II sector 340 PLN

III sector 290 PLN

On 7th of July 2016 during X Rock Legend Festival on the amphitheatre's stage of Dolina Charloty Suzi Quatro ( 10 pm ) and Kasia Kowalska ( 8 pm ) will prform. American vocalist and basist Suzi Quatro is the biggest star of 70s Glam Rock, who with a success is performing non stop in the whole World. Suzi sold an amazing ammount of 50 millions records during her career which is 45 years long. Kasia Kowalska is one of the best known Polish singers. Her music career started with a debut album Gemini realesed in 1994. Since then the Artist keeps prepering compositions for her fans that are on tops of charts.Within the last 20 years she realised 9 unforgetable albums which received a lot of prizes and awards.

 Tickets ( Concert Suzi Quatro and Kasia Kowalska )

I sector 150 PLN

II sector 120 PLN

III sector 90 PLN

 On 25 th of July 2016 we would like to invite you for a concert of Marillion ( 8pm ) and Mike & The Mechanics ( 10 pm )

British Marillion performed in Dolina Charlotty in 2010 during IV edition of Rock Legend Festival and is returning for the clear fans request during X Rock Legend Festival in 2016. The Merillion group was created in 1979 in Aylesbury in England. The fantastic success in whole Europe of "Misplaced Childhood" album with hits like "Kayleigh" and " Lavender" in 1985 brought the band to the top of charts. In 1987 charismatic vocalist Fish left the band. His place took Steve Hogarth from The Europeans and with a success raised up to the role of Merillion vocalist. Merillion released 17 musically interesting albums with the very well praised "Marbels" from 2004. Artists curently working on 18th studion album M18, which with financial help of supporters will be realised in the spring 2016..

 Mike & The Mechanics is a band created by known from Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford. The band was started in 1985 when Mike decided to set up his own band independently og Genesis. Before that Mike realised two solo albums but decided he preferes to cooperate with other artists. New band Mike and The Mechanics with a singer Paul Young was successful with the first album "Mike + the Mechanics" from 1985. Two singles "Silent Running" and "All I need is a miracle" were top 10 on american music charts. Next album "The Living Years" from 1988 brought mega hit "The Living Years" which was sung by Paul Carrack even though the main singer was Paul Young who can be heard in "Nobody's Perfect". Album "Word of Mouth" from 1991 brought hit of a title song and album "Beggar On A BeachOf Gold" from 1998 gave another hit "Over My Shoulder". Album "Hits" with the geatest pieces was Platinum in England. After the death of Paul Young in 2000, the band suspended activity to start again in 2004 and perform under a name of "Mike and The Mechanics featuting Paul Carrack". After realising album "Rewired" Carrack concentratedon solo career and Rutherford suspended activity of M & T M in 2007. Two years later he brought to live new Mike and The Mechanics and Andrew Roachford became a new singer. After the album "The Road" from 2011 M & T M set off for short concert tours in Europe and States.

Currently Mike Rutherford is joined by vocalists Andrew Roachford and Tim Howard as well as Anthony Drennan ( guitar ), Gary Walli ( drums ) and Luke Juby ( keyboard ). The band perforing all hits as well as couple of Genesis songs.

Tickets ( Marillion and Mike & The Mechanics concert )

I sector 190 PLN

II sector 150 PLN

III sector 110 PLN

We would like to officially announce that in 2016 we will have a pleasure to host again a band called in 1977 the laudest rck band in the World - Deep Purple. This unquestionable legend, pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal performed in Dolina Charlotty during V Rock Legend Festval. On 24 July 2011 the amfitheather was absolutely full, and the performance of "Smoke On The Water" caused that noone could stay sat. Choir made of many thousands fans was joining the band. It was an unforgetable experience for fans as well as for Artists. Thanks to that they have decided to come to Dolina Charlotty once again. The concert of Deep Purple will take place in 26th of July 2016 in the amphitheatre of Dolina Charlotty.

Tickets ( Deep Purple concert )

I sector 320 PLN

II sector 260 PLN

III sector 200 PLN

The Sisters of Mercy will perform on 5th of August 2016 in Dolina Charlotty. This legendary british rock group lead by charismatic singer and song writer Andrew Eldritch. The band was created by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx, who met in 1977 in Leeds and decided to try thei luck in music industry because as they reavealed later in an interview - They wanted to hear themselveds on the radio. The group debiuted in 1985 with a great album "First and Last and Always" piloted by a hit "Temple of Love". Dark anf post punk guitar music brought the band a huge ammount of fans in the whole Europe.

Tickets ( Sisters of Mercy concert )

I sector 160 PLN

II sector 130 PLN

III sector 90 PLN

 The next addition to the list of Rock Legend Festival's stars will be group Whitesnake. It is one of the most popular hard rock bands in the World. David Coverdale was a founder of the band, who is a great singer and before 1977 was perform in Deep Purpe as well as realesed 2 single albums. Whitesnake's first albums "Trouble" and "Lovehunter" brought the band fame in Europe and Japan. Next album "Come An' Get It" with the hit "Don't Break My Heart" hit British music charts. Next album "Saints & Sinners" from 1982 included first version of mega hot "Here I Go Again".Next album "Slide It In" on which John Sykes appeared stronger the band's good position. Whitesnake songs were continuation of previous ideas of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and this way the band started conquere the whole World. In December 2015 Whitsnake performed coupe concerts with Def Leppard filling with fans the biggest concert halls in England. David Coverdale announced a mixture of the biggest hits and the best show as Whitesnake can ever perform.

Tickets ( Whitesnake concert )

I sector 280 PLN

II sector 230 PLN

III sector 190 PLN

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